Angelia Murray

By discovering a visual vocabulary referring to entropy and recursion, the use of repeated elements within my drawings and installations allow me to challenge constructed space. Entropy is an inclination for the universe to move towards disorder. This disorder inevitably generates order establishing a universal equilibrium. This process creates stable structures forming the existence of space. The structures I explore and confront in my drawings are architecture and nature. I am interested in how architectural structures and natural structures are created by chaos, but result in a balanced, ordered “real” space.

Drawing two-dimensionally as well as three dimensionally is an immediate way for me to respond and experience space. The parts of collage, tape, string, and wire along with the tools allow for me to build imaginary spaces, mimicking real space. I create illusions. Allowing the eye to flow through and acknowledge how our environment is put together. There is a stability that occurs through the use of all these parts and tools just as in architecture and nature.